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Heather Woodbury's new one-woman play grapples with global warming

Publicity image of Heather Woodbury from her
Publicity image of Heather Woodbury from her "Tale of 2 Cities" performance from 2001.
Heather Woodbury

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It can be difficult to describe the career of performer Heather Woodbury. Her unique brand of theater has been characterized by critics as "a one-woman stage-novel" or "Charles Dickens crossed with the 'Young and the Restless.'"

Basically, Woodbury puts on epic one-woman plays. So epic, they can't be contained in one night of theater.

Like the serial novels of the 19th century, Woodbury performs intricate narratives in multiple episodes over several different nights. Plus, she plays all of the characters herself.

Her newest work is called "As the Globe Warms" and it's about global climate change. She'll be presenting a 40-minute preview of the whole 12-hour opus at Redcat's New Original Works Festival in L.A. Aug. 9 and 10.

Woodbury joins Madeleine in-studio to talk about her newest performance.