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New Music Tuesday: Dylan LeBlanc and Blonds

Dylan LeBlanc's album
Dylan LeBlanc's album "Cast the Same Old Shadow."
Rough Trade Records

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It's Tuesday and NPR music critic Ann Powers is back with new music from Dylan LeBlanc and Blonds.

Dylan LeBlanc - "Cast the Same old Shadow"

This is the follow-up to 20-year-old Dylan LeBlanc's 2009 debut album "Paupers Field." Much like his debut, "Cast the Same Old Shadow" is another really dark album that leaves Ann wondering why he's so somber? Hailing from Louisiana, LeBlanc will remind listeners of Neil Young and Chris Isaak. Much like these legends, LeBlanc is the sole singer-songwriter in the band.

Blonds - "The Bad Ones"

This is the debut album from this now-Brooklyn-based couple/band Cari Rae and Jordy Asher. They've basically expanded their EP that they released last year into a a very macabre full-length album. Dark, but creative and reminiscent of the band Cults. Much of the album is about love.


Ann Powers, NPR music critic who joins the show every other Tuesday to discuss the latest in music