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Carlos Almaraz: A Life Recalled - Finally, a BIG exhibit of major/overlooked LA artist

At last, there's a major exhibit for a major artist who has been largely overlooked by the art establishment. Carlos Almaraz: A Life Recalled, at ELAC's Vincent Price Art Museum, is a chronological survey that includes small, big, and huge art, postcards, his ukulele, letters ... the idea being to give you the groundwork for understanding Almaraz, the member of the famous Chicano collective Los Four, who died of AIDS in 1989.

I recorded a number of interviews at the exhibition opening party this Saturday, and today on Off-Ramp Extra, I'll play a couple for you: Dan Guerrero, his lifelong friend, and Elsa Flores Almaraz, his widow -- or as she prefers, "beloved." Later this week, we'll hear from the likes of Frank Romero and more.