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Hunter Davis and "Will the real Ian McKellen please stand up?"

Look at his picture! Does this look like someone out of whose mouth could come the time- and smoke-worn voice of Richard the Third and Gandalf the Grey?

Things got a little out of hand when Hunter Davis came into the Off-Ramp studio to talk about his spot-on Ian McKellen impression in this million+ hit YouTube video.

We walked out of the studio not knowing exactly what happened. Was that really Ian McKellen and does he like big butts? Are we mad or gratified? How badly did we want it to happen? Who punk'd who?

Meantime, Hunter continues to do voice over and theatre, and has just launched a new project. He writes, "It's rather silly, but the main project I'm about to release on my YouTube channel is a parody web series called 'The Dark Knight Retires' in which I play Batman (believe it or not) giving up crimefighting to try something else in life while still dealing with villains and whatnot."