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What about the Funnies?!

A "Frazz" strip by artist Jeff Mallett. Is it as funny if you read it online?
Jef Mallett http://comics.com/frazz

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John wonders what will happen to his beloved Candorville, Frazz, Peanuts, and Zits if newspapers die. He posed the question to artists and publishers at a cartoonists' convention in LA.

John: Every morning, I go to the front porch, pick up my LA Times and my New York Times, and head straight for the comics and the crossword. Then I read the serious stuff.

Queena: Comic strips date back to the 1890s and The Yellow Kid, a bald street urchin who laid the groundwork for other famous bald kids in the comics, like Charlie Brown and Henry.

John: Let's head to the annual convention of The National Cartoonists Society, which was held in LA a couple weekends ago. That's where I talked with comic artists, an expert, and a syndicate executive. Darrin Bell draws Candorville, Jerry Scott works on Baby Blues and Zits, Jim Borgman works on Zits, Lisa Wilson is vice-president of United Feature Syndicate, and Charles Solomon is an expert on animation and the comics.