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CyberFrequencies: The World Gone to Pot?

CyberFrequencies.com: We bring you life on the Web.
CyberFrequencies.com: We bring you life on the Web.
Michael Uhlenkott

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Can Pot Make the World a Better Place? This week the US Government has pledged not to prosecute medical marijuana vendors or users. That's great news for Dann Halem, who runs a marijuana delivery service that uses Twitter to publish its menu. His goal is to sell enough pot to give away $10K grants to artists. CyberFrequencies takes a look at his high-minded intentions. (READ ON...)

Halem's not just using Twitter for marketing, his Tweets have becom part on the online conversation about legalizing dope.

With the state of California writing IUO's and donations to non-profits plummeting, medical marijuana clinics are promoting the idea that if pot is made legal, it could be taxed and profits could even be used to fund non-profits.

CyberFrequencies also talks to an anonymous somebody in the Cannabis Closet, who is finding the courage to come out!