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Homeboy Industries v. Recession

Father Greg Boyle
Father Greg Boyle
Homeboy Industries

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LA's Homeboy Industries, which gets gang members out of gangs by giving them jobs, has taken some big funding hits. In a very frank interview, Homeboy's founder, Father Greg Boyle, told KPCC's Frank Stoltze he may have to kiss goodbye a huge amount of funding the state owes Homeboy. He also calls out the city and county for using Homeboy's services -- like tattoo removal -- without paying for them. He told Frank he's worried Homeboy may have to cut back on some of its services if it can't raise more money.

The interview we've posted here is the long version of the interview that's airing on Off-Ramp this weekend. The second item is Frank's interview with Homeboy success stories David Gomez (in the hat) and Brian Moon.