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The Brain
The Brain
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Do you dread social gatherings where you might be called upon to engage in witty repartee (talk good)? Then, friends, Dinner Party Download is the FREE PROGRAM for you. In a matter of minutes, hosts Brendan Newnam and Rico Gagliano, trained intelligence enhancers, will make you at least 14%* smarter. This time on Dinner Party Download: Gary Hustwit, Krakatoa and Foraging...

Rico Gagliano & Brendan Newnam bring you another fast and funny "booster shot" of cuisine and culture to help you win your next dinner party. This time: A chat with filmmaker Gary Hustwit, director of the documentaries "Helvetica" and the new "Objectified"... Krakatoa explodes without pride... and Brendan breaks the "2-second rule" with a professional food forager.

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(*Statement not evaluated by the FBI, OSHA, Brother Theodore, or Pravda. Margin of error +/- 14 points.)