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A Christmas Carol Redux

Dickens' Dream
Dickens' Dream
Robert W. Buss

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A Christmas Carol Redux offers something for everyone. For traditionalists, there's the full broadast of the classic Lionel Barrymore edition. For those who prefer a thoughtful - and challenging - version, we bring you "A Christmas Golem," which points out Dickens' anti-Semitism. For fun, Sue Scott performs a short piece about a competitive Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol redux includes this version of the story, starring Lionel Barrymore. According to sheeplaughs.com, "MGM released this album in 1954, of the Hallmark Hall of Fame production in which Barrymore reprised his role as Scrooge, with the story narrated by Richard Hale, and original score by Samuel "Sammy" Timberg (who worked on many animated cartoons with the Fleischer Studios, such as Popeye, Betty Boop, and Superman). This record is the source of most people's recollection of hearing Barrymore in the Scrooge story, since it was bought and played in many homes for years after the Campbell Playhouse broadcast was no longer aired." Sheeplaughs sells a CD with both the 1939 Welles/Barrymore broadcast and the 1954 edition described above.