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Centenarian Norman Corwin to Patt Morrison: First drafts are s---!

Norman Corwin, icon from radio's Golden Age.
Norman Corwin, icon from radio's Golden Age.
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Norman Corwin died Oct. 18, 2011, at the age of 101. Here's an interview we aired just after his centennial.

Famed radio and movie writer Norman Corwin turned in May 2010. Shortly after, KPCC's Patt Morrison helped fete him at the Aero Theatre, where they showed "Lust for Life," which got Corwin an Oscar nod for best adapted screenplay.

Listen here for their conversation – including Corwin's plans for his retirement years – and NPR's recent piece on Corwin's career and influence.

KCET celebrated Norman Corwin's 100th birthday by airing its 1969 television production of Corwin directing a radio production of "The Plot To Overthrow Christmas" on May 17, 2010 at 10 p.m.