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"It Gets Better" Campaign Against Gay Teen Suicide

Dan and Terry's YouTube video, which started the
Dan and Terry's YouTube video, which started the "It Gets Better" project, which has now gone viral.
YouTube/Dan Savage

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Dan Savage, the sex advice columnist and gay rights advocate, says the spate of suicides by bullied gay teens shook him up and made him realize he could reach out to isolated gay kids who are contemplating taking their own lives. The message of the viral video project is simple: "Life gets better after high school. Stick it out." Off-Ramp host John Rabe spoke with Savage, who's been doing non-stop interviews since unveiling the project three weeks ago.

CLICK THROUGH to see Savage's video with his husband, and John's conversation with the LA Gay and Lesbian Center's Michael Ferrera, director of the LifeWorks youth development program, along with a link to the LA Gay and Lesbian Center.