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Say it fast: Listeners help Off-Ramp win twin Twain awards

“It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.”        

So said Mark Twain. Nevertheless, we are pleased and proud that the Associated Press Television-Radio Association awarded Off-Ramp two of its coveted Mark Twain Awards this week, out of the six that went to KPCC.

Molly Peterson won the Bill Stout Enterprise award for her piece on Prop 37. Best Coverage of an Ongoing Story went to Airtalk for its coverage of the Newtown shooting.  Sanden Totten won the "best writing" Twain for his piece on Levitated Masss (the big rock) at LACMA. And Steve Proffitt's piece on the Aurora shooting won for best use of sound. 

Off-Ramp's twin Twain's came for our special on the 20th anniversary of the Rodney King Riots, and for James Kim's touching piece on losing his native Korean, and its affect on his relationship with his Korean-born parents.

It can't be said enough that since this station is, in the greatest part, funded by listeners, you deserve the credit for these awards. Your contributions pay for salaries, recording equipment, even the electricity that powers our transmitter up on Mt Wilson. It's all you. Thanks to all who contributed ... and if you haven't, why not do it now and help us win some 2014 Mark Twain Awards!