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A few tips for Goyim at your in-laws' Hanukkah party

Rebecca Lehrer, co-host of The Mash-Up Americans podcast.
Rebecca Lehrer, co-host of The Mash-Up Americans podcast.
Rebecca Lehrer

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So you're invited to a Hanukkah party, and you're a Buddhist or a Catholic or -- God forbid -- an atheist. How should you behave? Do you have to talk like Tevye and eat bitter herbs and blow into a sheep's horn?

If you'd checked out The Mash-Up Americans, the new KPCC podcast, or talked with co-host Rebecca Lehrer, like I did, you wouldn't have to ask. The cover it in an episode called "Top 8 (+1) Tips for Being the Best Non-Jew at the Hanukkah Party."

Number one?

Relax. Hanukkah isn’t the Jewish Christmas. Don’t overplay the day. Hanukkah is a super minor holiday. You may never have heard of Sukkot or Shavuot, but Hanukkah is basically like Groundhog’s Day compared to them. Everyone knows about it, everyone knows the ritual that goes with it, Hallmark even gets to make a few shekels selling Hanukkah cards and blue and white wrapping paper, but no one’s going to church over it.

Other tips you hear about in our audio interview: don't blow out the candles and bring a lighter, Tums, and a bib. And our tip: subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and check out Rebecca's video on our Facebook page.