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What Vincent Price might have made of Islamophobia

Vincent Price played
Vincent Price played "The Saint" on radio for many years.
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We held an event Tuesday night in Culver City featuring Victoria Price talking about her parents' (Vincent and Mary Price) cookbook, a best-seller published 50 years ago.

That got me looking up other Vincent Price work - besides the horror movies we know and love - and I found a number of episodes of "The Saint," the radio production in which he starred, long before Roger Moore played the "Robin Hood of Modern Crime" on TV.

At the end of the episode "Monkey Business," Price, playing himself, makes this appeal to the better angels of our nature.

Ladies and gentlemen, as responsible parents you never think of allowing your children to play with poison. And as responsible Americans it's your duty to protect them from the dangers of the poison we call prejudice.

Here in America, racial and religious hated does exist, sustained by the political adventurers and plain crackpots who are willing to scrap the Democratic way of life to attain their own ends. Prejudice in America is centered in their addled philosophy, but unless we guard ourselves and our families it can find its way into our own lives. Then the poison will do its work, undermining America's unity, sabotaging our prestige abroad, and wrecking our ideal of individual freedom.

In your family life you can effectively carry on a campaign against prejudice. Our youngsters grow up with a pride in their country; teach them that part of that pride is our tradition of accepting or rejecting people on their individual worth, not on the basis of race or religion or color.

Remember, freedom and prejudice can't exist side by side. If you choose freedom, fight prejudice.

Vincent Price said this in ... 1950.

Click on the audio player to hear the audio of this speech, from the end of "The Saint."