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Singer/Songwriter Mia Doi Todd on how the Los Angeles River informs her music

Singer/songwriter Mia Doi Todd by the Los Angeles River
Singer/songwriter Mia Doi Todd by the Los Angeles River
Mark McNeill

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Singer and guitarist Mia Doi Todd has lived in Los Angeles nearly all her life. She plays folk music with a profound sense of place, and some of her best known songs evoke Los Angeles — her personal life, her neighborhood, and the Los Angeles River. 

That’s where she met Off-Ramp Contributor and Dublab co-founder Mark McNeill.

Here's the video for Todd's 2006 song "My Room is White"


Todd's latest album is called "Songbook." It's a collection of cover songs—she performs work by Neil Young, Prince and Joni Mitchell. Here's her version of The Cure's "Close To Me:"


You can purchase "Songbook" through Ring Records.