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Song of the week: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "When I try, I'm full"

"When I Try, I'm Full" from the album EARS released April 1st 2016 on Western Vinyl.
Pitchfork (via YouTube)

This week's Off-Ramp song of the week is from a local electronic composer: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. She raised in the Pacific Northwest but writes and records from her studio in Glendale, California. of

Smith works with massive, vintage keyboards to create huge soundscapes and hypnotic rhythms. She said that on her latest album, “Ears,” she wanted to “create a sonic motion ride through a futuristic jungle.”

How does she do? You be the judge.

If you're a gear head, the synths Smith works with are really cool, by the way. Here's a video of Smith touring her studio: