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Song of the Week: Azteca's "Whatcha Gonna Do," from early Pete Escovedo

Pete Escovedo, still percussing at 81.
Pete Escovedo, still percussing at 81.
Pete Escovedo

Did you see Pete Escovedo (with his daughter Sheila E.) rock the Democratic National Convention?

The Escovedo's performing "La Cuna" at the 2016 DNC

Escovedo, 81, is playing for free at the Levitt Pavilion Pasadena Sunday at 7pm. (It's at Memorial Park, 85 E Holly, Pasadena CA 91103).

Back in 1972, Escovedo co-founded Azteca, a Latin Jazz big band with 15 to 25 members, and put out two albums - "Azteca" and "Pyramid of the Moon" - before taking a little break before putting out one more - "From the Ruins" - in 2008.

Our song of the week is "Whatcha Gonna Do," from 1973's "Pyramid of the Moon."

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