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'Elote is just corn on the cob, you hipster gabacho!' ... and 9 other Mexican foods to stop festishizing

OC Weekly editor Gustavo Arellano
OC Weekly editor Gustavo Arellano
John Gilhooley

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Editor Gustavo Arellano throws a few food bombs in his latest OC Weekly article, "10 Mexican Dishes Hipster Chefs Need to Get Over Already."

"While I'm catholic in my evangelization of Mexican food belonging anywhere and everywhere and cooked by everyone, the following dishes usually get lost in translation and deserve a break. Or, better yet? Just order them from the paisas who do them right instead of the IG-buzzy hot spot with 4.5 stars on Yelp based on 699 reviews, maybe 10 actually written by Mexicans."

So, Gustavo says step away from the tacos; elote is just corn on the cob, you dope; most churros suck; peppers are vegetables, not heat bombs; most Micheladas also suck; and the mezcal and avocado crazes might actually be doing some damage.

"The one dish I'm amazed that has not been appropriated: tortas! Americans love Mexican food. They love sandwiches. How have they not yet discovered the ultimate Mexican sandwich?!"

Listen to the interview in the audio player to hear Gustavo call John a "Puritan" for disparaging the food combination problem, and to hear John mispronounce aguachile (and probably several other words) and Gustavo mispronounce Worcestershire.