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La Santa Cecilia on love, life, and who had the sorriest rice

La Santa Cecilia pause during a soundcheck to chat with Offramp producer Taylor Orci.
La Santa Cecilia pause during a soundcheck to chat with Offramp producer Taylor Orci.
KPCC/Taylor Orci

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La Santa Cecilia has quite a list of accolades under its belt. The Los Angeles-based outfit has performed with Elvis Costello, performed for Michelle Obama, and recently tacked on a second Grammy nomination after their 2014 win for "Treinta Dias" in the Best Latin album category. After this most recent Grammy nomination for their album "Buenaventura," the band decided it was time to get back to basics. 

"After so many hours, so many days, you start losing it and you get in this bubble," says Marisol Hernandez, the vocalist for La Santa on why they decided to make "Amar y vivir," an album recorded live in Mexico City. "I really feel with this album. We got to go back to those days to reminisce on these songs. We used to play these songs at quinceñeras, at funerals, and we get to bring them back. We get to pass down that love." 

Marisol Hernandez, accordionist Pepe Carlos, drummer Miguel Ramirez and bassist Alex Bendana have been together for ten years. "We've gotten to achieve a lot of dreams," Marisol tells Offramp producer Taylor Orci. But there was real struggle in the beginning. 

"We had a group text about who ate the sorriest rice," Marisol says, laughing. Drummer Pepe Carlos agrees, "I put some garlic in my rice and it still tasted bad," he recalls. "Gas was really high a few years back and I racked up $7,000 in debt on my gas card because it cost more than food." Marisol chides him, "You sound like a grampa!" 

"Amar y Vivir" is expected to drop in May. La Santa Cecilia will be playing  February 18 at the  Valley Performing Arts Center