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Off-Ramp Recommendation: Experience the art of Burning Man in DTLA

Bexx Brown-Spinelli via Flickr Creative Commons

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This weekend, take an immersive trip to an interactive urban gallery in the center of downtown Los Angeles. i3 Arts Fest will transform public spaces like Pershing Square, Grand Park and Grand Performances’ Grand Plaza into a canvas for artists to exhibit their creative works.


The festival features massive art installations, and the work of about 30 artist will be on display at the two-day celebration. At least seven of the works featured at i3 Fest have been displayed Burning Man. The three venues will act like mini-festival hubs of art and culture.

Grand Park temporarily turns into "Interaction Park" with free live music performances by Mike G of Odd Future and The Gaslamp Killer on Friday evening. The free music schedule on Saturday includes Cptn’Jay, Dj Bartek and Oscure.

Meanwhile, Grand Performances’ Grand Plaza becomes "Innovation Plaza."  William Close and The Earth Harp Collective will be playing a 900 feet tall harp on both Friday and Saturday – yes ... a harp with strings.  Innovation Plaza will be site of the countries tallest music instrument even if just for two nights.

Pershing Square takes the form of "Immersion Square." This is the only part of the festival that requires paid admission. The square is hosting female-centric i3 Arts Fest Art Car Ball featuring local djs like divaDanielle, Carmen Dee, and SlowLikeWhoa.

With large-scale installations, multimedia projects, performing arts, unicorns, and music resonating from a giant harp  – you might just forget you are in the middle of downtown.

i3 Arts Fest is June 2-3 in downtown Los Angeles. For more information visit the events website.