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Title IX: 35 Years of Change

Patt Morrison travels to sports powerhouse UCLA, for a round-table discussion of Title IX and its impact on athletics for men and women over the last 35 years. Title IX, a federal law passed in 1972, marked a sea-change in high school and college sports programs. It has been praised for breaking barriers down for women, and criticized for eliminating opportunities for men. Patt and her guests will discuss the law's successes and the unintended consequences of its implementation.

The program is the second in KPCC's "College Tour," a series of Patt Morrison and AirTalk remote broadcasts this fall exploring various issues in higher education.

* Diana Nyad, weekly columnist on NPR's "All Things Considered" and a business reporter for "Marketplace". Diana holds the world record for the longest swim in history, for both men and women, at 102.5 miles. From 1969-1979, she was known as the greatest long-distance swimmer in the world and has broken numerous records, including the 50-year-old mark for circling Manhattan Island in 7hrs and 57min. And in 2006 Diana was honored with an induction in the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame.
* Sue Enquist, former head softball coach for UCLA. She is also UCLA's first All-American, Pac-10 Coach of the Year, Hall of Fame Inductee and has been a part of 11 National Championships. She is currently the Director of Major Gifts for UCLA's Athletics External Relations Office.
* Eric Pearson, Chairman of the College Sports Council, a national coalition of coaches, athletes, parents, and sports alumni working to prevent the elimination of collegiate sports teams. Mr. Pearson is a former coach of the Princeton University varsity wrestling team. Since Title IX was enacted, wrestling has become one of the most frequently dropped sports in college athletics.
* Peter Vidmar , Olympic gold medalist and former UCLA gymnast. He is the highest scoring American gymnast in Olympic history. Title IX was the primary reason funding was withdrawn from the men's gymnastics program and was officially shutdown in 2000.
* Anita Ortega, one of the "Bruin Elite" in women's basketball, she was an integral part of UCLA's 1978 National Championship team and went on to earn All-Pro honors in the women's professional basketball league. She is currently a captain in the LAPD, and is one of the highest-ranking women in the department.