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Rowing for Recreation and Reform: Kayakers Take to the L.A. River

A dozen kayakers are launching off from the banks of the Los Angeles River this afternoon, starting a three–day trip aiming to promote the recreational use of the river, and in the process, prove that the river can be navigated by boat. "Navigability" not only means paddlers can actually make their way from the Sepulveda Basin to Long Beach, but it also is a key designation that allows a waterway to be protected by the Clean Water Act since a 2006 U.S Supreme Court ruling. Patt checks on the kayak expedition and what challenges there are to expand the protections of the Clean Water Act.

* George Wolfe, Co–coordinator of the Los Angeles River Expedition and Editor of LaLaTimes.com
* Mark Cohen, Deputy Chief of the Regulatory Division of the Los Angeles Army Corps of Engineers
* Representative Henry Waxman (D–CA30)