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Ciao, AnsaldoBreda MTA contract!

Damn Italians and their fancy train cars
Damn Italians and their fancy train cars
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Italian manufacturing company AnsaldoBreda was 3 years behind schedule to deliver 50 rail cars to the Los Angeles MTA and the cars they had delivered were 6,000 pounds heavier than specified. Despite those details, they were still positioned to win a $300-million contract to build another 100 rail cars for LA county’s transit system and build a $70-million factory that would have created hundreds of local jobs. All that fell through on Friday night, though, when the company began raising new issues. Where does that leave LA?


Dennis Romero, MTA blogger; he’s been covering the story for the LA Weekly

Michael Cano, Transportation Deputy for Supervisor Mike Antonovich

Richard Katz, MTA board member