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Is the cost of individual health insurance out of reach?

blue cross
blue cross
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Anthem Blue Cross, the state's largest for-profit health insurer, has announced that beginning March 1 they are raising their rates on approximately 800,000 individual subscribers. Some have seen their rates rise by as much as 39% since the company raised rates last year. Are the back-to-back hikes due to "rising health costs" as Blue Cross claims or are these rate hikes in anticipation of a health care reform bill? Insurance commissioner Steve Poizner's office claims they will investigate but will it be in time to save more and more Californians from falling into the ranks of the uninsured?


Rep. George Miller, D-California’s 7th District; Chairman of the House Committee on Education & Labor (his committee was one of three that crafted the House healthcare reform bill)

Robert Zirkelbacah, spokesman for America’s Health Insurance Plans

Dr. Mark Weiss, podiatrist in Century City and a client of Anthem Blue Cross

Bill Robinson, owner and insurance agent for the Palm Canyon Insurance Agency