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LAUSD’s Fremont High moves to restructure

Fremont High
Fremont High
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The Board of Education voted Tuesday to keep a majority of thirty LAUSD schools in the hands of school teachers and administrators rather than hand control of those campuses over to Charters. That didn’t have any effect on Fremont High, however, the school superintendent Ramon Cortines singled out in December for restructuring—a decision predicated by the No Child Left Behind policy. Cortines fired all the teachers and staff at Fremont in December. They’re allowed to reapply for those jobs, but many don’t know what those jobs will look like in September and they held a press conference this morning to oppose the restructuring. Patt talks with parents, students, district officials and representatives of United Teachers Los Angeles about why they oppose or support the plans to restructure.


A.J. Duffy, president of UTLA