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The state of Los Angeles—with City Council President Eric Garcetti

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City Council President Eric Garcetti sits down with Patt Morrison to talk over the city budget mess--layoffs, the city’s downgraded credit score and whether or not the city will cash-in by privatizing parking structures, the convention center and the zoo. Patt won’t forget to ask about the ongoing medical marijuana saga. The city just got slapped with a lawsuit filed on behalf of two dispensaries that feel the current, and just passed, ordinance is too restrictive and will force them out of business. We’ll also talk about those pesky “supergraphics” (huge billboards), a surcharge for DWP customers to help the utility meet the mayor’s renewable energy goals, and the effort to license the city’s dogs. Yeah, did you know you have to license your dog?


Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles City Councilman representing the 13th District and President LA City Council