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FCC to launch equality battle for the 21st century: national broadband plan

Possible national broadband plan
Possible national broadband plan
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The Federal Communication Commission under President Obama has been threatening for over a year to wade into a fight that will ultimately determine the shape, scope and accessibility of media access across the country for generations to come. Finally, next week the FCC will introduce its long awaited National Broadband Plan to Congress and the real fun will begin—a showdown between huge telecommunication companies, smaller competitors and the ultimate end users of everything from high speed internet to cable TV and phone lines. The plan might even contain a proposal for the use of broadband wireless service for free, or a very low cost. FCC Commissioner Michael Copps is here to preview the plan and discuss a report out of USC that suggests local TV news outlets in L.A. are not living up to their public service obligations.


Michael Copps, FCC Commissioner