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The great parking dilemma: to park or not to park at a failed meter?

parking meters hate you
parking meters hate you
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If you are disgruntled or confused about parking at a broken parking meter, you are not alone. Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge’s office has received so many complaints about LA parking enforcement issuing tickets on “failed” meters that he’s had to step in and ask the department to explain. The Transportation Department says they do not issue citations on broken meters and yet some evidence seems points to the contrary. Last year the city issued 550,000 tickets for expired meters and yet only 2% were contested, and of those 40% were found to be valid. Ironically, two of LaBonge’s own staffers received tickets while parked at broken meters. Will all this attention put the kibosh on bogus tickets or is there more to this story?


Tom LaBonge, LA City Councilman, representing the 4th District

Michael Manville, Ph.D., research fellow at UCLA’s Institute of Transportation Studies