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“No One Would Listen”—how Bernie Madoff got away with it

No One Would Listen
No One Would Listen
Wiley, John & Sons

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Just over a year ago, Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty to operating the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. We hear today from Harry Markopolos – a much less known name, but one central to finally exposing Madoff. Markopolos spent almost a decade investigating Madoff and warning the SEC that something was up with his investments…he also spent nearly a decade being ignored by securities regulators. He writes about his crusade in his new book, which chronicles the remarkable ineptitude of the Securities and Exchange Commission— the "regional turf rivalries," lawyers who don't understand the mathematically complex financial products that are traded on the markets, and the commission’s glaringly poor investigative ability.


Harry Markopolos, former securities industry executive-turned-independent-financial-fraud-investigator who spent nearly a decade on Madoff's trail; he’s also the author of No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller

Frank Casey, President of Fortune USA, a fortune asset management company based in London; Casey worked on the Madoff case with Harry Makopolos from 1999 through 2008