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The Naked Chef vs. American girth: Jamie Oliver takes on childhood obesity

Jamie Oliver's second season of
Jamie Oliver's second season of "Food Revolution" premiered earlier this month.
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More than two-thirds of American adults are considered obese, but for many the weight problem started much earlier in life: one out of every three U.S. children is overweight and policy makers are only just starting to realize and grapple with the problem. Perhaps it will take an Englishman to push the eating and lifestyle habits of American children in the right direction—renowned chef Jamie Oliver has made it his personal mission to reverse the trends of childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and his new show on ABC has him traveling to some of the heaviest towns in America to change the way people eat. It will take more than the intervention of a celebrity chef, as legislators and doctors try to formulate the right mix of incentives and legislative muscle (like requiring calorie counts on all menus) to encourage healthier living. Can American children slim down?


Jamie Oliver, award winning chef, host of the long-running “The Naked Chef” TV show on Food Network; host & executive producer of the new ABC show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”

Dr. Linda Tigner-Weekes, Chief Medical Officer, St. John’s Well Child and Family Center

Dr. Asheley Cockrell Skinner, assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine