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Slow death of manufacturing in California— another big auto plant to close

The NUMMI auto plant closure comes at a bad time for California
The NUMMI auto plant closure comes at a bad time for California
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California’s manufacturing sector is already hurting after losing close to one-fifth of its workforce in the last five years. And now the NUMMI auto factory in Fremont is closing, eliminating 4,700 jobs. On top of that, another 15,500 jobs at suppliers across the state are expected to be lost. San Joaquin County already has unemployment rates close to 20 percent, so this closure comes at an especially terrible time. As the vicious unemployment cycle continues across the state, what does this mean for the future California manufacturing?


Kevin Klowden, Managing Economist and Director, the California Center at the Milken Institute

Steve Regis, vice president of engineering for CALPortland Company, a manufacturer of cement and other construction materials