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Health care, immigration reform, mid-term elections: all in a day’s work for Xavier Becerra

Representative Xavier Becerra, (D) CA 31st District
Representative Xavier Becerra, (D) CA 31st District
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Back in the district on Spring recess, Congressman Xavier Becerra is fresh off a landmark legislative victory in getting health care reform out of Congress and onto the president’s desk. But the Congressman’s “to-do” list only starts with health care: next up is an immigration bill that provides a clear path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S., a jobs-creation bill with real muscle, a spot on the national debt commission and a vital role in defending Democratic seats in the Congressional mid-term elections. Combine all of that with priorities from back home in Los Angeles and the Congressman is a busy man, but not too busy to stop by the studio with Patt to take your questions and comments on a litany of subject.


Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-California’s 31st District; Vice-Chair of the House Democratic Caucus