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Paula Deen’s Savannah Style

Paula Deen and co-author Brandon Branch
Paula Deen and co-author Brandon Branch
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America loves success stories. The more tribulation you overcome, the more America tends to embrace you, no matter how odd the circumstances. No where does this ring truer than that of celebrity chef Paula Deen. Paula is well known for her Southern dishes and flavor, but that is literally the topping on a cake of dysfunction. Paula’s parents died when she was 19 and she developed agoraphobia, rendering incapable of even leaving her house. But like any great chef, when life handed her lemons, she mixed it with butter. She developed her eccentric style of food creation while she was housebound. She parlayed all that experience and talent into restaurants, a dessert line, and a couple of TV shows with the Food Network. In her new book, "Paula Deen's Savannah Style" the fabulous Chef takes readers on a pictorial tour of her beloved Savannah giving them a sneak peak at her house, her friend’s houses and her favorite places around the town.


Paula Deen, celebrity chef specializing in Southern style cooking, and author of “Paula Deen’s Savannah Style,” her latest book