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Looking back & looking forward on health care reform

The health care bill passed. What's next?
The health care bill passed. What's next?
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The health care reform debate provided a year of intense drama, but now the fun part really begins. Over the course of the next four years, pieces of the health care legislation will roll out, from the prevention of insurance companies dropping patients with preexisting conditions to the broad insurance mandate, and yet it might be another generation until the full effects of health care reform are truly known. Will Republicans attempt to roll back elements of the reform, or will additional follow-up measures be needed to further improve the system? Will any of these steps actually bring down the inflated cost of delivering medical services? With one of the major players in the American health care system’s pharmaceutical industry and with a dogged reporter who has closely followed the debate for the past year, Patt looks backward and forward at health care reform in America.


Billy Tauzin, president & CEO of the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)

Ceci Connolly, staff writer for the Washington Post who covered health care reform for the past year; contributing author of “Landmark: The Inside Story of America’s New Health Care Law and What it Means for Us All”