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The quest to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Pfizer creates more happy pills for you
Pfizer creates more happy pills for you
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Can’t remember where you put your keys, forgot to take your morning vitamin, could it be early on-set Alzheimer’s? Maybe, the disease effects 13 percent of people over the age of 64, and 40 percent of those over the age of 85 in the United States. The cost to treat it is more than $148 billion each year. The Alzheimer Association is calling for a “Man on the Moon” plan--a national program to address the disease and its detrimental affects on society, including the increasing financial burden on Medicare and Medicaid. So, will the U.S devise a plan now to prevent a disease that affects so many families and crippled a former President, or pay more later?


Greg Simon, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Policy at Pfizer Inc. He also served as chief domestic policy advisor to Vice President Al Gore.