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Going green on the home front: building a greener, meaner home

How green is your home?
How green is your home?
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How can you get a solar energy system on the roof of my house without going into bankruptcy; how can you build an affordable rain-catching system to reuse rain water in your garden and beyond; what’s the latest insulation technology to cut my home’s heating and cooling bills? It’s fashionable to call oneself an “environmentalist” these days but few of us have taken the steps to implement green policies around our own homes, from big construction projects like installing solar panels to smaller steps like recycling water. As the AltBuild expo rolls into town this weekend, architects, water experts and green builders will gather to tackle the big and small of green home improvement. Patt brings together a few experts to answer your questions and help you build a meaner, greener home.


Brenden McEneaney, Green Building Program Advisor for City of Santa Monica, and the presenter of AltBuild Expo

Christine Dzilvelis, producer of the AltCar & AltBuild Expos