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FCC wades into battle over the future of the internet

The FCC pushes forward with its internet regulation
The FCC pushes forward with its internet regulation
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The Federal Communications Commission today announced plans to apply regulations to high-speed internet access. The proposal comes after a federal court last month found the FCC had limited ability regulate broadband companies like Comcast. Now the FCC is attempting to restore the authority they thought they had by reclassifying broadband as a telecom service. Broadband companies such as AT&T and Comcast Corp. are none too happy about plans for any regulation and claim it’s an unnecessary government intrusion that will stifle innovation while the FCC claims a change is necessary to monitor pricing and to protect consumers. So, is the Net an information or a telecommunication service? The answer could make a world of difference.


Michael Copps, FCC Commissioner

Chris Guttman-McCabe, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for CTIA-The Wireless Association, the telecommunications industry’s trade group