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Please Mr. Postman, look & see—will you still be delivering mail to me?

The Post Office is running out of money too.
The Post Office is running out of money too.
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We’ve been hearing of the pain and slow demise of the U.S. Postal Service for several years now, and even as the price of stamps has increased and the idea of ending Saturday delivery has been kicked around, nobody has seriously discussed the end of mail as we know it. Until now—the Postmaster General John Potter said yesterday that he has about six months worth of money left, and that without serious intervention by Congress the Postal Service won’t have enough money to make payroll by the Fall. Potter has been pushing hard for an end to mail delivery on Saturdays and has been practically begging Congress to roll back several regulations that would make the Postal Service more nimble in slashing the budget, renegotiating terms with the postal workers union and retooling the system. People have been sounding the alarm bells on the Postal Service for years—can we continue to count on the mail being delivered to our doors?


Don Smeraldi, spokesperson from the Postal Service

Ruth Goldway, Chairwoman of the Postal Regulatory Commission

A. Lee Fritschler, Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University; he served as the Chairman of the U.S. Postal Rate Commission from1979-1981 and recently published a “Study of Universal Postal Service and the Postal Monopoly”