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David Mamet talks Mamet talk

David Mamet
David Mamet
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Political progressive, card-carrying NRA member, theater icon—David Mamet has made a legend out of contrarian views as he has woven them through now classic works like Glengarry Glen Ross, Speed-the-Plow and The Verdict. Contrarian as always, Mamet’s latest musings in “Theatre,” call for nothing short of the death of the director and the end of acting theory. Once again, Mamet throws down the gauntlet and slays some sacred theater cows in this manifesto. So “Put that coffee down!”…and listen to this interview.


David Mamet, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning play Glengarry Glen Ross, Academy Award nominated screenplay The Verdict, and Wag the Dog, and Tony nominated play Speed-the-Plow. His latest book is Theatre