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Saving the San Gabriel Mountains

Political action groups move to preserve the San Gabriel Mountains
Political action groups move to preserve the San Gabriel Mountains
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A group of environmentalists, scientists, and nine cities, including Claremont and La Canada-Flintridge, are pushing Rep. David Dreier (R-San Dimas) to protect a large section of Angeles National Forest. Conservationists fear that encroaching development, fires, the dwindling budget of the U.S. Forest Service, and millions of yearly visitors are threatening the integrity of the mountains. They want to protect 30,000 acres and 44 miles of rivers and creeks under the national Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the toughest environmental protections available under federal law. Not everyone is completely behind the San Gabriel Mountains Forever campaign. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works supports their efforts, but is concerned about possible impacts to its flood control and reservoir system nestled in what would become a protected zone. Congressman Dreier says he is, “committed to seeing it through”, but has some concerns. Will Congress support the preservation of the San Gabriel Mountains?


Daniel Rossman, Regional Associate with the Wilderness Society

Steve Evans, conservation director, Friends of the River

Mark Pestrella, deputy director, LA County Flood Control District, LA Department of Public Works