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To Infinity and Beyond! The Chief of NASA talks space exploration.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden as a young astronaut
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden as a young astronaut
Bill Ingalls/NASA

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No return to the moon; unmanned trips to Mars; the possibility of private companies launching government payloads on commercial rockets--what has the U.S. space program come to? The United States’ space program has always been notable, but the Obama Administration is making some major changes including shutting down the moon shuttle program, Constellation. NASA’s new direction seems to be pointing toward more research heavy and un-manned space exploration. Budget constraints have forced the scaling down of the big dreams and ambitions of NASA, but can man still make an impact in space with limited funds? What does it all mean for the space program? NASA Administrator Charles Bolden is here to discuss the new budget, research programs and the future of NASA.


Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator, and former astronaut and Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps