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Enter the Panic Room: Heading back home, Lakers face elimination

The Lakers face elimination if they don't win their next game
The Lakers face elimination if they don't win their next game
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After going up 2-1 in the NBA finals and playing with some serious confidence, the Lakers have lost two in a row to the Boston Celtics, making Game 6 in Los Angeles an elimination game. The Lakers hope to rebound and take the final two at home, a tall task, which has caused many analysts to deem the series over. But, as we all know, analyst’s opinions are as valid as a Clipper’s NBA Championship run, the real insight lies with the dedicated fans of the purple and gold. The same fans who have been quick to point the finger, from Pau Gasol’s ineptitude, to Ron Artest’s lack of defense, and don’t forget fan’s suspicions that Derek Fisher is old enough to cash Social Security checks. Fans have even turned on each other; the star-studded, yet sedated Staples Center fans have been the new target of attacks after Sunday’s loss. The only thing that is for sure in Lakers country right now, is panic.


Matt “Money” Smith, host of the Petros & Money Show on Fox Sports Radio, heard locally in L.A. on AM570 KLAC; Matt is the former host of the Lakers pre- and post-game shows