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Nothing incites civil unrest like a World Championship

Lakers fans react to their team's victory and shake cars around
Lakers fans react to their team's victory and shake cars around
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The Los Angeles Lakers are world champions of the NBA! Let’s flip a bus! Moments after the Lakers captured their 5th NBA title in 11 years, Lakers fans decided to personify their jubilation by turning their city into Baghdad for a night. What would cause a person to do such a thing? Some think that fans were upset after being left out of Ron Artest’s “thank-a-thon” after the game, in which Ron thanked everyone from his hood of Queensbridge, NY, his wife, his family, his doctor, his psychiatrist, ESPN sideline reporter Doris Burke, and himself. Whether fans felt snubbed by Artest or not, LAPD is reporting that there were 37 incidents just a half-mile away from Staple’s Center, some lasting as long as 3 hours. So what causes all of this civil unrest? Can Los Angeles survive multiple championships in one year? Can Ron Artest’s psychiatrist help? We talk to an expert on rioting out of joy.


Jeff Victoroff, association professor of neurology and psychology at the University of Southern California