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Go USA…….but does soccer suck?

USA soccer is still in the running for the World Cup
USA soccer is still in the running for the World Cup
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It was a fantastic end-to-end rush: the Algerian team put on a fierce attack against the American goal, peppering the goalie with shots; he makes a key save, launches the ball up field, the American players on an all out sprint close in on the Algerian goalkeeper and with one shot and a nice rebound, Landon Donovan catapults the American soccer team into the second round of the World Cup. It was a delirious 11 seconds out of a 92 minute soccer match, which is why in spite of all of the excitement surrounding this World Cup tournament, we maintain that soccer still sucks. The inspiring Donovan goal is a rarity in soccer, the kind of frenetic end-to-end action that is so often absent in drawn out matches than have a high tendency to end in scoreless ties. This is why soccer has no traction in the U.S.; this is why the World Cup is more popular as a curious spectacle rather than an attention-grabbing sports event. You may forever root for the U.S. team, but there is any doubt that soccer still sucks?


Lynn Berling-Manuel, Chief Marketing Officer for the American Youth Soccer Organization. She is the former chief executive officer of Soccer America Communications, publishers of Soccer America Magazine