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Round 3: DWP, L.A. City Council square off again, this time over ratepayer watchdog

The Los Angeles City Council and DWP saga reaches round 3
The Los Angeles City Council and DWP saga reaches round 3

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The first round came over proposed power rate hikes from the DWP to justify its expansion of alternative energy sources, only to be shot down by the L.A. City Council. The second round came in the form of a planned revenue transfer of $75 million from the coffers of the DWP into the City’s general fund, which was withheld over suspected political payback. Now in the aftermath of those two previous fights comes round three when DWP and the Council square off over the idea of an independent ratepayer watchdog, something that the Council has long promised to impose as a check on DWP’s authority. Just as Council president Eric Garcetti is set to announce a motion that will put the idea of a ratepayer watchdog on the ballot for L.A. voters to approve, the DWP has said that it will create its own in-house watchdog. As L.A.’s political boxing match continues, what does this all mean for the average DWP customer?


Eric Garcetti, President of the L.A. City Council representing the 13th District

Wendy Greuel, Los Angeles City Controller