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BP says they've plugged the hole - can it be?

BP says they have finally stopped the Gulf Oil leak
BP says they have finally stopped the Gulf Oil leak
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At 12:25 pm PT, BP announced that for the first time since April, oil gushing from its broken well into the Gulf of Mexico has stopped. Company officials said all valves had been shut on a new cap over the busted well. It's not a permanent fix, but BP hopes it will hold until they can finish drilling two relief wells to pump mud and cement into the hole to plug it for good. Patt checks in with our resident expert on the logistics of this spill and how they finally plugged it. Despite today's success, the BP oil spill, leak, whatever you want to call it, remains one of the nation's worst environmental disasters in history.


Iraj Ershaghi, Director of the Petroleum Engineering Program and of the West Coast Petroleum Technology Transfer Council at USC; he's also the Executive Director of the Chevron–USC Center for Smart Oilfield Technologies