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Your choice: A pat down or a scan. TSA’s new full-body scanners at LAX

LAX will begin using low X Ray body scanning machines
LAX will begin using low X Ray body scanning machines
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The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is stocking LAX with 24 new, full-body imaging scanners. The airport currently has four. The scanners use low level X-rays to detect metallic and nonmetallic components under clothes. But if you are a little shy about exposing your body parts via the scanner (private parts are visible on the monitor), you can opt for a good old fashion pat down. City leaders say the scanners give the airport an added level of security, but if the scanners are voluntary does it defeat the purpose? And do the low level X-rays reveal a little too much skin? Patt takes a close look.


Suzanne Treviño, spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

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