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Islamophobia in America

Muslim women pray during Ramadan in Pakistan
Muslim women pray during Ramadan in Pakistan
Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images

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A new poll from TIME finds that 46% of Americans believe Islam is more likely than other faiths to encourage violence against nonbelievers. More head scratching, the same poll found that 24% of Americans believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim, which is actually an increase from his election year 2008. Is Islam a religion of hatred and war, as Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, says, or has a post 9/11 fear of anti-American violence stoked Islamophobia and brought it into the mainstream? We talk with TIME’s Deputy International Editor, Bobbie Ghosh, about the rising fear of Islam in this country.


Bobbie Ghosh, Deputy International Editor for TIME; he is their former Baghdad bureau chief

Edina Lekovic, Director of Policy & Programming for the Muslim Public Affairs Council