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How much would it take to get you to rip out your lawn?

cactus garden
cactus garden
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Could, for instance, $1 per square foot be enough of an incentive to rip out the lawn in your front yard and save a ton of water in the process? That’s the proposal being made by L.A. County Waterworks Districts, which provides water to Malibu, Antelope Valley, Acton, Kagel Canyon and Val Verde. They are trying to entice their clients to give up thirsty lawns and go with drought resistant, native plants—figuring that a little extra green will be good motivation to rip out the green currently occupying your front and back yards. But Southern Californians love their grass…is there any amount of money that could get you to rip out your lawn?


Lili Singer, special project coordinator, Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers & Native Plants, Inc.