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The world of loan modifications: how to stay afloat and keep on keepin' on

The world of loan modifications
The world of loan modifications
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How do you get a loan modification? What does that really mean, anyway? ProPublica posed the question to 718 homeowners and came up with simple tips, including: don't do it alone - seek help from organizations, stay organized, and finally, don't give up! So you've heard other homeowners' tips for staying afloat in the loan modification world... what are yours? Patt and an expert from Housing and Economic Rights Advocates are ready to take your 411 call.


Paul Kiel, reporter for ProPublica

Lisa Sitkin, staff attorney for Housing and Economic Rights Advocates, a California statewide, not-for-profit legal service and advocacy organization. Their core practice areas are predatory or unfair mortgage lending, foreclosure prevention and fair housing.